Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chocolate Milk Cocktails: National Chocolate Milk Day

Today is National Chocolate Milk Day! So much controversy about whether or not chocolate milk is a healthy school drink. We always had a choice of plain or chocolate milk when I was in school. Remember those 1/2 pint waxed containers of milk? I always chose chocolate!

I've posted several great chocolate milk recipes over the years including this one for Nicaraguan Chocolate Milk. Give it a try.

Love this retro ad for Chocolate Milk. But moving from the youngsters to the oldsters, here are two very easycocktail recipes for Adult Chocolate Milk Cocktails!

I. Chocolate Milk Cocktail
Glass of Chocolate Milk
Couple Splashes Kahlua
2 or 3 ice cubes

Add Kahlua to chocolate milk and add ice

II. Chocolate Milk Cocktail

1/2 shot chocolate liqueur
1/2 shot milk
dash of amaretto

Put the milk in the bottom, pour the liqueur on top and add dash of amaretto. Do not mix.
Serve in a tumbler.

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