Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bastille Day: Chocolate Souffle Recipe Round-up

Bastille Day! What is more French than Chocolate Souffle? Instead of chopping off heads, chop up some chocolate! For Bastille Day here's a round-up of some classic chocolate souffle recipes that I've posted over the years. Vive la France!

Bastille Day Chocolate Souffle

Almost Fool-Proof Chocolate Souffle

Chocolate Souffle with a Twist

Chocolate Souffle for Valentine's Day (and Bastille Day!)


Anonymous said...

Allons Enfants de la Patrie
le jour du chocolat est arrivé! Contre nous de la creme brulé
la cuillère sucré est levée!

apaler1 said...

Indeed, what is more French than the chocolate souffle? Thanks for these easy to follow recipes. Especially for the Valentine souffle which gives an estimate for individual souffles!

Čokoladna torta said...

Love the recipe, souffles are the best thing after the lunch, looking forward for some more posts about them :)