About Me

Janet Rudolph has been eating chocolate all of her life. Now that passion has become the basis for this blog and for the Chocolate TeamBuilding events her company TeamBuilding Unlimited delivers. From Chocolate Scavenger Hunts to the Chocolate Challenge to corporate Chocolate Tastings, Janet and her partner in chocolate crime Frank Price have been creating chocolate events and activities for over 25 years.

Janet has been a judge at the San Francisco Chocolate Salon for the past two years. This year she was also a judge at the Tasty Awards.
Janet Rudolph is the editor of the Mystery Readers Journal, and creative director/writer at Murder on the Menu and TeamBuilding Unlimited. She blogs daily here and at Mystery Fanfare and TeamBuilding Talk, facilitates a weekly mystery bookgroup, hosts literary salons with mystery authors, and has been a committee member on numerous mystery conventions. A long time contributor to the mystery genre, she received her Ph.D. in religious mystery fiction. She lives in the Berkeley/Oakland (CA) hills with her husband, a golden retriever, and 2 cats. She's an avid gardener and has many chocolate smelling plants in her garden.

This blog is filled with recipes, reviews and news of import to the Chocoholic.