Saturday, July 4, 2009

S'mores on the Grill

Today is the Fourth of July and National Barbecue Day! Lots of things to do on the Grill with Chocolate. My earlier post was for Bay Area Bites' Banana Boats on the Grill, but since I mentioned S'mores recently (Here and Here) what could be more American? We do a lot of grilling at our house, and how perfect is it to make dessert at the same time. S'mores it is!

Get out your aluminum foil, so you don't have chocolate and gooey marshmallow all over the grille.

This recipe is adapted from RecipeZaar.

Heavy duty aluminum foil (cut in sheets about 8 x 12)
4 Graham Cracker Squares divided in half crossways
2 ( 1- 1/2 oz) Dark Chocolate high quality candy bars
4 large marshmallows

1. Top graham cracker square with one candy bar half, one marshmallow and another graham cracker square. Repeat for remaining grahams.
2. Center one s'more on each foil sheet
3. Wrap and seal to form four packets. Leave room for heat circulation inside packets
4. Grill, indirect heat, 4-5 minutes in covered grill (until marshmallows melt)
5. Open carefully and enjoy!


~~louise~~ said...

I really think you should bring these gooey delights to Gloria's online BBQ.

If I get my way, you are going to LOVE what I'm "bringing..."

Happy 4th Janet!!!

Janet Rudolph said...

Oh, how fun! I'll definitely bring something to the barbecue!