Sunday, July 5, 2009

S'mores Cupcakes

Over the past few weeks, I've blogged about all kinds of S'mores. Chocolate Chip Cookie S'mores and a variation on S'mores to make in the microwave. and yesterday for Fourth of July S'mores on the Grille.

Now Eating Suburbia has a recipe for Deceptively Simple: Smores Cupcakes. Mrs. B gives a step by step quick and easy, straight-from-the pantry way of recreating smores in cupcake form in your own kitchen. No waiting for that trip to the cabin or the beach. Of course, you could do it all from scratch, but this is fun and there are so many variations.

The Three elements of S'mores: Graham Cracker, Chocolate, Marshmallow.

You can layer the ingredients with variations in the layering order until you get what tastes perfect to you. For the graham cracker portion, crush the graham crackers and use as a crust on the bottom of the cupcake. The chocolate is a boxed fudge brownie mix. Lots of choices on how to apply the marshmallow (after cupcakes have cooled)-either as icing, torched melted marshmallow, etc. You can also add chocolate chips for some added chocolate (or broken pieces of chocolate). And, of course, you can add part of a chocolate bar into the toasted marshmallow. Did I say rich?

For the complete recipe with measurements and instructions for the cupcakes and homemade marshmallow frosting, go to Eating Suburbia.

Photo: Eating Suburbia

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