Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chocolate Band-aids

Let's face it, many of us count on Chocolate as a major First-Aid for lots of trying situations. I know, I do. So you can imagine how excited I was to come across this cool product.

Candy Blast, Inc. has developed a line of molded chocolate band-aids that they call Chocolate First Aid. So many uses. #1 eat and feel better, #2 add to a gift basket, #3 send to a sick friend.

After a previous supplier of chocolate band-aids discontinued their product, Candy Blast founder, Yvonne Marsh, developed her own line of chocolate band-aids for Candy Blast to use in their own get well themed candy gift baskets and candy bouquets.

“Chocolate First Aid, The Ouchless Cure for Life’s Little Hurts” can be purchased by consumers on the web site or by phone. Wholesale case pack pricing is available to qualified businesses.

What other uses do you see?


Gloria Chadwick said...

This is such a clever, and cute, idea! Chocolate is the cure for so many things. :)

princess said...

So cute, a band aid turns into a chocolate?? so excellent idea here. Chocolate is really good they make people happy, it's just like the second one to an apple. Well reading your review it reminds me of my childhood favorite sweets, just found at that site. Have a Sweet Day!

Anonymous said...

Such an innovative idea. would benefit from those.