Sunday, June 16, 2019

MARSHMALLOW FLUFF FUDGE: 2 Retro Ads & Recipes for National Fudge Day

Today is National Fudge Day. I don't know about you, but I can never have too many Fudge recipes. Yes, I have my favorites, but sometimes you just want to experiment. So, you can see why I really like these two Retro Ads & Recipes, both of which use Marshmallow Fluff as a major ingredient.

Marshmallow Fluff you ask? You may know this product as Marshmallow Creme. You can make it at home or you can buy a jar. Can't find it at your market? Try Amazon or another online store. I usually have a jar in the pantry. O.K. not the healthiest of ingredients, but it really adds to the flavor in these Fudge recipes!"P.S. It's so easy!"

Two Retro Ads and Recipes for Marshmallow Fluff Fudge!

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Anonymous said...

I've always used the Nestle's recipe because my mother did. For the past several years I've used super fine granulated sugar and the best quality chocolate and butter that I can find. It takes it from good fudge to the best I've ever had. It's also good using milk chocolate.