Saturday, April 19, 2014

See's for Easter: Rocky Road Eggs!

I love all the special chocolate eggs and bunnies that proliferate at Easter Time from well known and lesser known chocolatiers. One of my all time favorite traditional chocolate companies is local See's Candies. I've mentioned them before, but this year I was lucky enough to find a Chocolate Rocky Road Egg in my basket! Rocky Road is a mixture of chocolate, marshmallows and walnuts mixed together. Check out the history of Rocky Road Ice Cream HERE.

This See's Rocky Road Egg isn't ice cream, but it's delicious!!!  It contains honey marshmallow, crunchy California Walnuts and See's signature milk chocolate all hand-decoraded with a candy bouquet. It's 3.7 ounces,.dwarfed only by the huge chicken in my yard! There are other great Easter selections at See's, but this one is my favorite!



What's Baking?? said...

Happy Easter, Janet!

vallery said...

I hope some are still left-sounds like my kind of candy.

William E. Wallace said...

Even better: See's Mayfair Easter Eggs. . . I have already had my first bite after breakfast this morning!

William E. Wallace

vallery said...

And See's is now very conveniently located across from a grocery store I use. will see if hey have the eggs,