Thursday, April 17, 2014


I just love this time of year, because it's all about PEEPS! Read yesterday's post on PEEPS. Last year I posted a recipe for Matzo S'mores Cake, so being in the ecumenical spirit, I thought I'd post two easy recipes for PEEPS S'mores!

I prefer baking PEEPS S'mores in the toaster oven, but you can always microwave them. Just 10 seconds if you do, or they explode. I always use high quality chocolate... o.k. so PEEPS aren't artisan marshmallows, but I love their flavor (and sugar rush)--at least once a year! Do I earn my girl scout S'MORES badge?

1. PEEPS SMORES in the Toaster Oven (or oven)

Graham Crackers
Dark chocolate squares

Preheat toaster oven to 350°F.
Put chocolate on graham cracker, top with Peep.
Put on aluminum foil covered tray and bake 2 to 3 minutes. Watch because they can burn.
Take out of oven, add another graham cracker and squish.

II. PEEPS S'MORES in the Microwave

Dark Chocolate Squares (or Hershey's Milk Chocolate-the traditional)
Graham crackers

Put chocolate on graham cracker, add PEEP, put on microwave safe dish and zap in microwave for 10-15 seconds. Watch them.. they can explode if you leave them in too long.
Top with another graham cracker and squish.

And here's a photo of PEEPS vacationing in Bodega Bay! Rabbits beware. The Chicks might join The Birds!


katreece said...

This is such a cute idea Janet, and I leaned a new word from your post "ecumenical"!

I have a recipe for chocolate bread pudding I'm going to try and make this weekend. Not sure if I even like bread pudding, but it sounded good, and has chocolate in it.

Happy Easter, love you!

Janet Rudolph said...

I LOVE bread pudding... can't wait to see your post, Katreece

Anonymous said...

PEEPS are so precious! I stocked up before Easter (hoping to make my childhood fave PEEPs Coconut Cake), but have several boxes left...Smores are a great idea! Thanks!