Friday, September 28, 2012


Stacy, Jane's best friend on Drop Dead Diva, gave up acting and started a new business this past season. If you don't watch the show, I'll fill you in.

Stacy is now in the bakery business but with only one product, kind of like the Cupcake only bakeries. Stacy accidentally created the Pake, Part cake/Part pie, when two pages in a cookbook stuck together. If you think that was the end of it, it wasn't. First she had to contend with a business partner played by Kim Kardashian who ran off with her start up money. Then, a patent troll looking for profits from the Pakery, took her to court. Poor Stacy, of course, forgot to send in the papers even though her roommate is a lawyer. But Stacy proved that she invented the Pake in a courtroom bake-off (Episode 12, Season 4). The 'pretender's' Pake imploded. His baking skills were way too deficient--and, of course, he didn't create the Pake.

O.K., so why am I bringing this up? Well in my Retro Research, I came across a recipe for Funny Cake. It's a Swans Down recipe and advertisement from September 21, 1953. "It's a cake and a pie... and it's 'wonderful good'!"  Sorry, Stacy, but Swans Down already offered the world the recipe for this Pennsylvania Dutch treat. How come Jane didn't find this ad in researching your claim?

So here's the Swans Down Ad and Retro Recipe. Watch out, Drop Dead Diva, this Funny Cake is a cake baked in a pie shell. The sauce goes on the top and ends up in a layer right at the very bottom of the cake. And, there are three variations for the sauce--Butterscotch Sauce, Chocolate Sauce, and Orange Sauce. It's a cake in a pie. It's a Pake! Here's the Recipe!


Anonymous said...

It is great fun when imagination and reality come together. It is even tastier when it is abut food. There is something ironic when television writers come up with a new idea and others discover that it has already been created and years before.

The orange and chocolate sauces that are included in the add make for some delicious moments.

Thank you!

Whichever sauce I would find in front of me, I know that a nice tall cool glass of milk would be the way to go!

Anonymous said...

Swan's. Wow, is there any other cake flour?

Anonymous said...

My family grew up eating funny cake. I still have a part of the original magazine clipping. We always thought it was some sort of magic that the chocolate sauce started out on top, and ended up on the bottom!!!! Thanks for the memory!!!