Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day Triple Fudge Cake

I love Food Holidays, but I also love Holidays and the foods that go with them. This recipe is from Betty Crocker's Party Book: More than 500 recipes, menus and how-to-do-it tips for festive occasions the year 'round (Golden Press, 1960).

I forgot that this cookbook actually has a Labor Day Triple Fudge Cake recipe! What a surprise. I've actually made this recipe for Triple Fudge Cake many times, but always in a Bundt pan. I don't think it was called Labor Day Triple Fudge Cake, but it's fun to see it again in this retro cookbook. I know the cake might taste better if I made it from scratch, but it's pretty yummy this way, too. I usually use a Duncan Hines cake mix (sorry, Betty) and really good dark chocolate for the third chocolate in this recipe. Pudding.. well I always have a box in the cupboard. 

Also love the Continental Vegetable Casserole recipe (The French call it "Ratatouille").. pretty radical in 1960!

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Anonymous said...

A nice tall glass of regular cold milk and a great slice of this cake would not be laborious to enjoy. Warm cake and cold milk just make the holiday so much more tasty.