Friday, June 28, 2013

The Picnic Game A-Z

This week I'm playing the Picnic Game organized by that fabulous blogger Louise at Months of Edible Celebrations! Each letter of the alphabet is taken by a different food blogger who post what they're bringing to the Perfect Virtual Picnic A-Z! Want to find out about the history of the picnic? Be sure and read the story at Months of Edible Celebrations.

I'm going to a picnic, and I chose the letter "D", so yesterday I posted my Dying for Chocolate Chocolate Cake. No icing! Very portable for the picnic.

So here's the line-up for the Picnic Game. Lots of wonderful recipes and foods to enjoy in 'real' time and at your 'real' picnic.
A is for Aloo Gobi 

B is for Blueberry Cucumber Salsa

C is for Crispy Curry Fried Chicken

D is for DyingforChocolate Chocolate Cake
E is for Eton Mess

F is for Fish In A Jar

G is for Golden Pillow Hee Ban

H is for Hummingbird Cake

I is for Ice Cream Sandwiches

J is for Jersey Hot Dogs

K is for Kahlua Mocha Ice Cream

L is for Light and Soft Japanese Cheesecake

M-To Come

N is for Nettle Quinoa Tart

O is for Oriental Pasta Salad

P is for Pan de Mango

Q is for Quinoa Pizza Balls

R is for Rainbow Connection Cupcakes

S is for Strawberry- Yogurt Ice Cream

T is for Telosma Cordata Eucheuma Jelly

U is for U-Never Fail Cheesecake

V is for Vanilla & Cream Cheese Pound Cake & Citrus Glaze

W is for Watermelon Sorbet

X is for Xtra good Walnut Apple Cake

Y is for Yakon Kelp Soup

Z is for Zucchine in Padella con Aceto e Peperoncino 

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