Sunday, June 9, 2013

Retro Daisy Cake Ad & Recipe

My high school had a graduation custom: The Daisy Chain. In sophomore year, a group of girls (yes, not the boys) would go into the surrounding countryside and pick wild daisies and make a daisy chain. In junior year, the girls, wearing white dresses, would carry the chain at the commencement procession. I'm not sure exactly how 'daisy chain' girls were chosen, probably based on leadership, grades and activities. I don't think we thought about it, but it was an honor.

Since it's June, and there are a lot of graduations, this Retro Ad & Recipe for Daisy Cake reminded me of the Daisy Chain tradition. This recipe is for a Crisco Daisy Cake.  Crisco was a staple in our household. Not so much in mine now, but I do have it in the pantry. I would replace the almond/gumdrop daisies with real daisies (at the last minute when you're serving) or make sugar daisies. The cake is really good, so I wouldn't downgrade it with the daisies in the recipe. Of course, you can always use your own recipe for thick chocolate icing!