Thursday, June 7, 2012

Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Pie

Today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, and since I blogged about Rocky Road Ice Cream Pie on Rocky Road Day last Saturday, I thought it only fitting to blog about another of my favorite pies.

Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Pie

Since I'm all about Chocolate, the pie shell can be made with chocolate wafers or oreos.. either works well.

To make the crust, crumb up the wafers or oreos either by putting them in a plastic bag and running a rolling pin over them or by whirling them in your food processor. Add 1/2 stick of melted butter (or a bit more) and press into a 9" pie plate, going up the side. Bake for 5-10 minutes at 350 -- or not. Since this is an ice-cream pie, it's not really going to matter if you bake it or not!

Next, spoon in the softened chocolate ice cream. Now here's where you can get creative--either a chocolate or a chocolate brownie ice cream such as Haagen Daz Chocolate or Ben & Jerry's Chocolate or Chocolate Fudge Brownie would be perfect! Then freeze!  
Helpful hint: make sure to position the pie flat in your freezer.

And finally, top with Hot Fudge Sauce!

Want to make your own Chocolate Ice Cream for this Chocolate ice cream pie?

Epicurious has a wonderful recipe for Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream by Fergus and Margot Henderson that appeared in Bon Appetit. For the recipe, go HERE.

Or make Alton Brown's Chocolate Ice Cream.

What's your favorite chocolate ice cream? What's your favorite recipe? Add a comment and/or link below!


Anonymous said...

I like chocolate ice cream with white chocolate chips in it. Yum!

~~louise~~ said...

Happy Chocolate Ice Cream Day, Janet!!!

Spencer said...

Happy Chocolate Ice Cream Day! I'll be celebrating in spirit but it is a bit too cold today to actually eat some of the stuff myself!

Chocchick said...

Forget the ice cream just give me the hot fudge sauce I might have to put the heating on! Happy Chocolate Ice Cream day....atleast it's not happy cake day!