Friday, June 29, 2012

Chocolate Bytes: Heat Wave Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some chocolate news to pass along. Read the story, but stay out of the heat.

Something along the line of when you get lemons, make lemonade, two women in Texas baked up a batch of chocolate chip cookies on the dashboard of their cars.

According to (The Empire Tribune), Daphne Hunt and Karole Schroeder put cookies in the oven to bake. However, the oven was the dash of their cars, which baked the cookies in just a few hours.

After reading news stories on the Web about others trying the same experiment, they told co-workers at Tarleton State University to take a look inside their cars while out on campus.

They both learned that temperatures quickly jumped to 190 degrees in Hunt's car and 170 in Schroeder's.

"It was quite a bit hotter in the cars than I expected. If it's that hot in the cars, it's obviously a danger to kids or pets," Hunt said. "So many kids and pets die from overheating in cars every year. It's frightening."

After baking in direct sunlight for two hours and 45 minutes, Hunt tried a cookie.

"Unbelievable!" she said. "They're not mushy at all, they're completely done. The cookies didn't brown like they would in a conventional oven, but are firm."

"They are great, taste just like oven-baked cookies at home," Schroeder said. "This shows in a safe way just what heat can do to anything inside a car. Definitely a lesson learned.

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Anonymous said...

Scary. Almost like frying an egg on the sidewalk!