Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chocolate Typewriter Cake: World Typewriter Day

Today is World Typewriter Day. I'll bet there are a lot of young people who don't know what a typewriter is.. really. Well, I'm a sucker for old typewriters. My first stories were written on my mother's old Royal. I remember the sound of the keys, the clang of the return, and the sound of crisp paper rolling through the carriage.

Today old typewriter keys are mostly used for jewelry. Occasionally I see old typewriters at antique shows, but I know they're destined for window dressing in someone's noir-themed office -- an office that actually has space for this big clunker, not like mine which is so crammed with books that there's little space left.

So now just about everyone uses a computer. Want to hear the sound of that old typewriter as you hit the keys? Download the sound of old typewriter keys HERE

Lots of authors launch their new books at parties where they serve cakes decorated with the cover of their book. When I finished my dissertation I made a cake (chocolate, of course) in the shape of my MAC 512. On the separate keyboard cake, I added M&Ms for keys, and I also had a separate mouse cake. For the time it was creative. I would now go for a more realistic look, since my baking and decorating skills have improved greatly.

Don't think I could have done this typewriter, though. This old manual typewriter cake is so great. I posted it on my mystery blog several years ago, but it's also perfect for I found it on Design*Sponge, a very fun site! This cake was made for the 4 year anniversary party (2009) for The Regional Assembly of Text by Allison Chambers of Petit Trianon.

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing cake! Pretty nifty.