Friday, May 11, 2012

Mixmaster Cake Genius: Retro Devil's Food Cake

So yesterday I posted a Mother's Day Sunbeam Mixmaster Ad and recipe for Chocolate Cake. The Mother in that ad looked more like my grandmother. It got me searching, and I found this Sunbeam Mixmaster Ad from May 28, 1945 (below).  The woman in the advertisement looks more like my Mother. Don't you think?

Of course, I just kept digging for a clearer version of the recipe for Devil's Food Cake, and I found this handy dandy little cake pamphlet from Sunbeam: How to be a Cake Genius with your Sunbeam Mixmaster. Pretty fabulous, huh?

So here's another recipe for Mother's Day Chocolate Cake: Mix Easy Devil's Food. You know you were a little devil, so make Mom this Devil's Food Cake to repent.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! 
May 28, 1945

My Mother c. 1942

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Unknown said...

Your Mom was gorgeous! I like the recipe and their subtle "measure into Mixmaster bowl". Thanks for this, Janet.