Thursday, June 25, 2009

More S'mores

As I've mentioned before, Summertime is the time to bring on the S'mores. TeamBuilding Unlimited likes to add S'mores at the end of our Wacky Beach Games or Sensational Sandcastle Building. Open fires aren't always allowed on our beaches, but there are definitely some alternatives. Have a look at my entry from last week, for Chocolate Chip S'mores, but here's yet another variation.

I just received an email from Vosges, famous for its fabulous chocolate and especially it's delicious Mo Bacon Bar. The email reads "spice up your s'mores. Give the old campfire favorite a spicy makeover. Add ancho & chipotle chiles, salty bacon or curry & coconut."

How to make an Exotic S'more:
Toast your marshmallows to your liking - blush, bronze or burned.
Place a square of any Exotic Candy Bar between two graham crackers.
Ease your marshmallow on top of the chocolate and squeeze lightly to ooze the marshmallow out to the sides.
Wait a few moments, while the warm marshmallow melts the chocolate.

No campfire? You can make this in the microwave.

Vosge is offering a Summer Deal: Buy any 5 3 oz Candy Bars and get the 6th free. To order, go here.

I want s'more...

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Megan said...

I love the Vosge ancho and chipotle chocolate! I'll bet that would make a great smore. I'll have to pick up a bar for our next camping trip!