Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Chocolate Tips: Chocolate Dipping

Over the years, I've dipped just about everything in chocolate, but there are a few tricks and tools that will make your dipping easier. So my Tuesday Tip is all about Chocolate Dipping!


1. Work in small batches.

2. Whatever you plan to dip, make sure the the tools and treats are dry (i.e. strawberries and fruit). As I mentioned in How to Melt Chocolate, even a drop of water will cause chocolate to seize. So if you're making chocolate covered strawberries or other fruit, makes sure to leave them out at room temperature and pat them dry. If you're dipping cookies, use a soft brush to remove crumbs before dipping.

3. Choose the right container for dipping. This will depend on what you're dipping. For truffles, choose a shallow bowl, so you'll be able to totally coat the truffle.

4. Melt the Chocolate

5. Before dipping, make sure the Chocolate shouldn't be too hot or too cool.

6. Tools: Chocolate Dipping Spoons or Fork are tools you can purchase. They work well, but if you don't feel like investing, you can always use the two fork method for truffles.

7. How to Dip. If you're using a dipping fork or spoon, dip straight down. If you don't have enough chocolate, dip halfway (or maybe that's what you wanted all along?). You can also tilt the container.  Some people actually drop the item into the chocolate and then fish it out. You decide.  However, you should probably get rid of excess chocolate by tapping the spoon or forks on the side of the container. Sometimes I shake the treat. You'll have less of a puddle or 'foot' around the base of the fruit or sweet. I often use two forks to dip truffles and other treats. The extra chocolate drips through before I put the item on the wax paper lined tray. Sometimes I use tongs--for things like oreo cookies, but you don't always get an all over chocolate result.

8. Put your Chocolate dipped treat on a parchment or wax paper lined tray. I'm sure a Silpat will work, too, I just haven't used them often. Once you've put all your chocolate dipped item on  the tray, you can move them to the refrigerator. You don't have to do this, but I usually do. It helps them cool quickly. However, take out of refrigerator when set. Don't leave your chocolate treats in the refrigerator too long or the chocolate will bloom (see xx) or change consistency.

9. If you have extra chocolate after you've dipped everything, use the leftover chocolate to make a bark or something else. Yum!

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Caroline said...

Great tip about the water and never overheat the chocolate.

Nic said...

Great tips, chocolate can be so temperamental!

Jim said...

I have learned that any steam,or moisture will seize the chocolate, I have also started to temper the chocolate,

Janet Rudolph said...

Hi, Jim, here's a post on how to 'fix' seized chocolate.