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S'mores: Candy Bars & Truffles

Yesterday I posted a S'mores Round-up of Recipes for the Memorial Day grilling weekend. The recipes run the gamut from Traditional to Pies to Ice Cream. Since May is National Candy Month, I thought I'd post a few ready made S'mores Candy Bars and links and recipes to S'mores Candy you can make your own.

Hershey's, the classic candy bar in the original S'mores, actually introduced a S'mores Candy Bar in 2003. The bar had a layer of graham cracker bits topped with marshmallow and coated with milk chocolate. The S'mores bar was discontinued. When it was introduced, there was a a Cooler promotion. Collect 9 box tabs and get a 12-pack Soft Cooler.. after all you're going to need it when you go camping and don't make your own s'mores.. or maybe you were meant to melt the ready made candy bars? I don't think so. :-)

Madyson's Marshmallows has its own giant hand-made Smores Candy Bar for sale on etsy.
"Bite into this delicious chocolate bar and you'll find crunchy graham crackers and our sweet, fluffy gourmet marshmallow piped right in between two layers of a very fine dark chocolate!At just over 6 ounces of sweet heaven, you will surely delight someone with this giant dark chocolate Smore's bar."

Want to make your own S'mores Candy Bars? NotSoHumblePie has a recipe for S'mores Chocolate Bars. You'll need a chocolate bar pan, but it's worth it! Yum!!

S'mores Marshmallow Chocolate Balls Candy
 These are available from several bulk chocolate places.  Copy reads:

"No need for a campfire to enjoy this twist on a classic favorite.... soft and fluffy marshmallow balls are coated in decadent milk chocolate and then rolled into crumbled graham crackers to create the ultimate taste sensation!"

And, since I'm a big truffles fan, try this S'mores Truffles recipe from the fabulous Elizabeth LaBau on Be sure and check out her other S'mores recipes, too. Isn't it amazing how versatile these three ingredients are? 

If you want a more graham cracker flavor, stir a handful of coarsely crushed crackers into the ganache itself. The truffles won’t have a smooth, creamy texture, but they’ll have a greater graham taste and an interesting crunch. As always, the quality of the truffles dependson the quality of the chocolate you use, so be sure to use a good-quality chocolate you enjoy eating. This recipe yields about 2 dozen truffles.

S'mores Truffles 

9 ounces bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped (about 1.25 cups)
2/3 cup cream
4 graham cracker sheets
1/2 cup miniature marshmallows

1. Prepare your materials: line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and set aside. Crush the graham crackers in a food processor or with a large knife and place them in a bowl. Put the mini marshmallows in a bowl and set those aside as well. Place the chopped chocolate in a large bowl.
2. Place the cream in a small saucepan over medium heat and scald it until bubbles being to appear around the sides of the pan. Pour the cream over the chocolate and allow it to soften and melt the chocolate for one minute.
3. Using a whisk, gently stir to combine the cream and chocolate. Do not stir too vigorously or you will incorporate air bubbles. Continue to whisk until the cream and chocolate is homogenous.
4. Cover the truffle mixture with cling wrap and allow it to cool to room temperature. Once cool, refrigerate it until it has the texture of semi-firm cookie dough, about 90 minutes.
5. To form the truffles, make sure you have all of the ingredients (ganache, graham crumbs, and marshmallows) set out. Using a small spoon, scoop up a ball of ganache about the size of a large marble. Press one or two mini marshmallows into the center of the ball, and scoop out a little more ganache with the spoon, pressing it over the marshmallows to cover them completely with chocolate. This process will be messy, and at first the truffle ball will be misshapen.
6. Drop the truffle into the bowl of graham crumbs. Roll it around until it is coated with crumbs, then pick it up and roll it between your palms until it is round. Roll it once more in the crumbs to get a good coating, then place it on the prepared baking sheet. This is done because the first layer of graham crumbs prevents the truffle from becoming too sticky when you roll it between your hands.
7. Repeat the process with the remaining ganache and marshmallows. Truffles can be served immediately, or stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week. Bring them to room temperature before serving.

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