Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cadburys Roses Chocolates: Vintage Ads

Nothing says Spring like Roses. I'm an avid gardener, and I have over 100 roses bushes.. so I really love these Cadbury Roses Chocolates Vintage Advertisements. I've added some photos of two of my own roses. I'll be in the garden eating chocolate later today! :-)

This rose in my garden could have been the 'model' for the Cadbury ad


~~louise~~ said...

Over 100 roses bushes! Oh you wonderful girl!!! Where do you get the time?

I'm thinking of adding just one rose variety to my new garden. I'm thinking about an old fashioned rose such as Gallica. Any suggestions? Here's the link to my new gardening project.

Thanks for sharing, Janet. Any chocolate rose hip recipes, lol:)

chow and chatter said...

beautiful roses and love those chocolates just got back from the UK loved the roses there

Janet Rudolph said...

Rebecca, My garden was very stark and a bit of a Japanese garden when I moved here. My goal was an English garden. I think I've achieved that.

Anonymous said...

Very suspicious. I think Cadbury may have taken its idea from your garden!

Great photography as well

allinone said...

That was really beautiful. Can you upload some more pics. Chocolates and roses are even my favorites. After all who will not love the taste of chocolates.
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