Thursday, May 19, 2011

Devil's Food Cake: 7 Ways: Vintage Recipes

Happy Devil's Food Cake Day!

I've posted Recipes and Vintage Ads for Devil's Food Cake & Devil's Food Cupcakes. I also posted Martha Washington's Recipe for Devil's Food Cake and another easy Devil's Food Cake recipe, but thought you'd enjoy this "7 Good Fun-to-Make Cakes using Chocolate Devil's Food Cake Mix". It's from a Betty Crocker pamphlet. It's amazing how unappetizing some of these photos in these old recipe pamphlets are, but the ideas are good! Put your personal spin on them.

Chocolate Devil's Food Cake Mix: 7 Good Fun to Make Cakes

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Ali said...

very lovely cake,i really like this cake because this is my favorite cake.

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