Monday, February 2, 2009

Recession: Eat More Chocolate

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article the other day that showed that the demand for chocolate demands strong despite the dismal economy. Although the prices of many commodities have fallen from their recent peaks, companies like Hershey's don't seem to be affected. In fact, shares of Hershey rose last week. Sadly, there's a slowdown in pricier premium chocolate, hopefully not for readers of this blog. The show-down (results) will be around Valentine's Day when high end chocolate companies make their announcements.


LTF said...

I believe in the healing powers of must seek out "alchemy chocolate" - a California small company. You'll be glad you did! tell 'er Lola sent ya.

LTF said...

should be "alchemy pastry"--worth trying esp. on Valentine's Day. Lola