Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Chocolate Cocktails

Oh my, how could I forget chocolate liqueur and chocolate cocktails. What was I thinking?

One of my favorites remains the Chocolate Martini, but you need to read Eric Felten's article in today's Wall Street Journal. He writes, "The Chocolate Martini has finally run its course. A bellwether of the fad for sweet, candy-flavored drinks served in Martini glasses, the Chocolate Martini started turning up at bars here and there a little over a dozen years ago and then hit its stride by 1998, when it was all of a sudden everywhere. Many were the Valentine's Days in the years since for which the Chocolate Martini was recommended as a felicitous accompaniment. Thankfully that particular dark age has passed, but it does mean we'll need to find another wooing cup."

His reasons for maligning the Chocolate Martini? "Let's start by understanding what the fundamental problems with the Chocolate Martini were: 1) The drink usurped the honorific "Martini" for a drink that had nothing in common with the original but the glass; 2) it was a one-note wonder, dominated by a single, sweet flavor."

So want to try something new? In today's Drink of the Week there was a great recipe for Godiva Royale. This drink is the perfect accompaniment to chocolate covered strawberries. I also found a recipe for a Chocolate Pinky Valentini. I'm afraid, though, that Mr. Felten would find this too sweet. Sounds good to me!

Of course, if you want to imbibe tonight, you can always get a great bottle of champagne and accompany it with high-end dark chocolate. They go together so well.

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~~louise~~ said...

I never could warm up to a Chocolate Martini. However, I simply adore Chocolate & Champagne, although my first choice would be Zinfandel and a formable bittersweet chocolate. That's just me though:)

Thanks for sharing...