Saturday, January 21, 2023

Chocolate Mudslide: 3 Recipes

I live in Northern California, and we've had three weeks of storms: bomb cyclones, atmospheric rivers, thunder, lightning, rain, wind, hail -- and mudslides. The impact of these Chocolate Mudslides is so much better than those in nature. Here are three recipes for that well known alcoholic beverage: the Chocolate Mudslide.  

And here's the toast: "May your mudslides  happen only in a glass!"

Bailey's Chocolate Mudslide

  • Ingredients

  • 2 oz Baileys Original Irish Cream
  • 0.5 oz Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka
  • 1 cup Ice
  • Chocolate Syrup

Blend Baileys, vodka, and ice. 
Before pouring, swirl chocolate syrup around glass. 

Chocolate Mudslide

Ice Cubes
1 part Kahlua
1 part Absolute Vodka
1.5 parts Irish Cream Liqueur 

Add the KahlĂșa coffee liqueur, Absolut Vodka, and Irish cream liqueur into a shaker. 
Add lots of ice and shake together. 
Serve in a rocks glass with fresh ice. 
Sprinkle chocolate shavings on top. 

Frozen Mudslide 
Ice Cubes
1 part Kahlua 
1 part Absolut Vodka
1 part Irish Cream Liqueur
3 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 spiral chocolate sauce 
1 sprinkle of chocolate shavings 

Add ingredients into mixer with crushed ice. 
Take a hurricane glass (or any large, tall glass) and make a swirl inside, using chocolate sauce. 
Pour mixture into the hurricane glass (which seems very apt!). 
Top with chocolate shavings. 
Serve with straw.

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