Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kahlua Mexican Chocolate Cake: Cinco de Mayo

I love Kahlua. It's such a versatile liqueur. Kahlúa is a Mexican coffee-flavored rum-based liqueur. It's dense and sweet, with the taste of coffee, from which it is made. Kahlúa also contains sugar, corn syrup and vanilla bean, so you see why it's often matched with chocolate in drinks, cakes, pies and candy.

I found a great Kahlua promotional cookbook at the flea market a few years ago: The Best of Kahlua: A Guide to Food and Entertaining (1970). There are some really great recipes in this book, and for Cinco de Mayo, I think this recipe for Mexican Chocolate Kahlua Cake is perfect! It's so easy and delicious!


~~louise~~ said...

Hi Janet!!!
I'm thrilled you joined us for Cookbook Wednesday!!!

Kahlúa is most definitely my weakness, in oh so many ways. I do have a few of those booklets but I don't remember seeing this amazing Kahlúa Mexican Chocolate Cake in any one of them. Perfect for Cinco de May:)

Thank you so much for sharing, Janet and thanks again for contributing to Cookbook Wednesday:)

Janet Rudolph said...

My pleasure.. you made it so easy.. hope I did it right. :-)

Debra Eliotseats said...

I have a cousin (who is a tea-totaller) that makes this same cake (along with some wine cakes) for every family function. I can attest it is delicious!