Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Chocolate Marshmallow Pudding: Sunset 1938 Kitchen Cabinet Cook Book

I'm a huge fan of Sunset and Sunset publications, including Sunset Magazine, Sunset Cookbooks and Sunset Gardening books. So when I found this 1938 cookbook, Sunset's New Kitchen Cabinet Cook Book at the Flea Market a few weeks ago, I snapped it up. What a treasure trove. Love, love, love the illustrations!

Here's the intro to the Cook Book:


Now, for the first time, SUNSET'S NEW KITCHEN CABINET COOK BOOK gives you all of the recipes published over a period of nearly 10 years--from February, 1929, to June, 1938!  Selected from among more than 25,000 recipes contributed by SUNSET readers, they will be found extremely reliable and practical, with a real Western "home flavor" not to be found elsewhere. Each recipe is twice-tested-first by the contributor and again by SUNSET'S own home economists. We hope that you'll like this book so well that you'll use it constantly and tell your friends and neighbors about it.

I'll be posting various recipes over the next few months, but thought I'd start with this smashing recipe for Chocolate Marshmallow Pudding. It's a very easy recipe. I love the term ground chocolate which is not quite the same as cocoa. It pops up a lot in recipes from the 30s and 40s.

Another thing about this page in the book that caught my eye is the Coffee Butter Frosting. It's a great chocolate frosting. Coffee is always a great counterpoint to chocolate. And, the recipe is by J.R. of Berkeley. Me? Well, it wouldn't have been me in 1938. LOL!


~~louise~~ said...

Hi Janet!!!
What a treasure trove indeed!!! I can honestly say I do not have that book but, I now want it!!!

I'm a fan of Sunset publications also. I've never seen this book before. However, I can just imagine the delightful illustrations and yes, of course, the recipes too. Down home recipes from Sunset readers, you just can't go wrong!

Thank you so much for sharing this book with Cookbook Wednesday, Janet. I'm already looking forward to seeing more yummies:)

Unknown said...

My daughter would love that! I might just have to make it.