Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Milk Chocolate Almond Bark

Today is Milk Chocolate with Almonds Day, and what could be easier and better than  Milk Chocolate Almond Bark. You can make this with dark chocolate, too, but to celebrate this particular holiday, I'm using milk chocolate! Here's a simple go-to recipe. Remember, the final product is only as good as the ingredients. Use the very best.


12 ounces milk chocolate
1 cup toasted almonds (in the oven), chopped coarsely  (some people like them whole/your choice)
Sea salt

Line cookie sheet with parchment paper.
Melt chocolate until smooth in top of double boiler or saucepan placed over another saucepan with simmering water.
Set aside 6 Tbsp almonds
Stir remaining almonds into melted chocolate.
Pour mixture onto cookie sheet lined with parchment. Spread to 1/2-inch thickness.
Sprinkle remaining almond pieces over mixture. Sprinkle sparingly with sea salt.
Tap pan on the counter until bark is desired thickness.
Refrigerate for about 6 hours or until firm.
Break into pieces.
Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

How easy is that?

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