Tuesday, January 7, 2014

English Toffee Hot Chocolate: 2 Recipes

Tomorrow is English Toffee Day, and I'm quite the toffee-holic. I've even judged Toffee at the San Francisco Chocolate Salons. Toffee Talk is one of my favorite toffees--they use different nuts in their toffees and the very best chocolate. Read this post by Toffee Talk.

So in honor of the day.. .and the weather, here are two recipes for a novel way of using English Toffee--English Toffee Hot Chocolate.  

Although I sometimes make my own Toffee, I prefer using Toffee Talk Crumble Mumble in these recipes! It comes in a jar and is perfect. I leave the bigger pieces of Toffee in my desk to nibble on at my leisure.

1. English Toffee Hot Chocolate

4 cups milk
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
8 ounces dark chocolate (70% cacao), chopped
1 tsp Madegascar vanilla extract
1/4 cup English toffee, crushed (I use Toffee Talk Crumble Mumble)
Whipped cream
Unsweetened cocoa powder

Combine milk, water, and sugar in saucepan and sttir over medium heat until just boiling.
Remove from heat, and stir in chocolate and vanilla.
Beat with whisk until chocolate is melted and mixture is frothy.
Pour hot chocolate into 2 big mugs.
Top with whipped cream and crushed English toffee. Sprinkle with cocoa powder.

2. English Toffee Hot Chocolate

4 cups whole milk
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
6 ounces dark chocolate (70% cacao), chopped
2 ounces butterscotch chips
Whipped cream
1/4 cup English Toffee, crushed (or Toffee Talk Crumble Mumble)

Heat milk, water, sugar to boil.
Remove from heat and whisk in chocolate and butterscotch chips until they combine with milk.
Pour into mugs and top with whipped cream and crushed toffee.

TOFFEE TALK CRUMBLE MUMBLE. You can order it directly from their website!

 Disclaimer: I have not been influenced in any way by the makers of Toffee Talk. I just love it..


Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

It warmed up to 8 above today, so hot cocoa seemed appropriate. Too bad I didn't see this recipe until later. I'll be saving it though, I'm sure there will be many more opportunities this winter.

yummychunklet said...

Oh, that toffee hot chocolate sounds delicious.

AVC Video said...

Did someone say "chocolate?" OK, now we have another connection.

Would you like to meet Michael Mischer? His store is a couple of blocks from our studio. I would be happy to introduce you to him, and we can tour the store together.
His website is

and mine is

Janet Rudolph said...

That would be great!!haven't met Michael, and I'd love to.. i can blog about it.

Unknown said...

Not crazy about chocolates, not easily available here and they're might expensive.But it sounds so superb.