Monday, April 29, 2013

The Chocolate Addict: CHOCOLATE DESSERT CUPS, dishes you can eat

Today I welcome the Queen of Chocolate Decoration and Innovation, The Chocolate Addict, Katreece Montgomery. Katreece makes chocolate decorating videos for the home chef. Visit her at:

Chocolate Dessert Cups, dishes you can eat.

Every dessert deserves to be embellished, and presented in an elegant fashion, and most alluring is the chocolate dessert cup.

There are many ways to make chocolate dessert cups. These delightful edible containers are sure to spruce up your favorite mousse recipe, or perhaps filled with your favorite sorbet, fruit or confections. These can be in the form of cups,bowls, cylinders, boxes or any type of vessel to hold something delicious. Chocolate dessert cups are a stunning addition to a table setting for a festive dinner party, or a romantic dessert accessory for two.  Fill a chocolate container with confections and wrap in cellophane paper for a delightful chocolate lovers gift.

The easiest way to make a dessert cup is to find a food safe plastic container to use as a mold. Fill with tempered chocolate*, remove excess, refrigerate for several minutes and carefully release chocolate cup from mold. Shazam!

Your guests will be tickled pink when they find out they can eat the dishes!

*To make chocolate decorations you'll need to perform a series of steps called tempering, this will ensure your decoration with harden and look it's best. For kids projects or if you find the tempering process too time consuming, you can whip up a decoration in a jiffy with something called confectionary coating, which is chocolate flavored candy. It does not need to be tempered and is very inexpensive and convenient to use. Check out Tempering HERE.

If you love to spend time in the kitchen being creative, give chocolate decorating a try. You'll be amazed at what you can dream up with the most sensational "food of the Gods", we call chocolate.


Unknown said...

I love Kat's Chocolate Addict's videos. She is wonderfully creative. My favorite of her crestions are the beaitiful chocolate fans and spiderwebs.

katreece @ The Chocolate Addict said...

Thank-you for letting me guest post on your awesome blog Janet!

Thank-you Gail for stopping by and the sweet comment.

Love you both!!! xoxo

Janet Rudolph said...

Thanks, Kat, and I also posted on Facebook!

Laura (Got Chocolate) said...

I've been wanting to make chocolate cups for a long time now! Thank you for the reminder, Katreece! :D