Monday, October 1, 2012

Cocoagraph: Edible Chocolate Bars from Your Photos

I've been meaning to post about The Cocoagraph Company that turns photographs into artisan chocolate bars that look like Retro Polaroids. Yes, many bakeries have been turning photos into icing images for birthday, wedding, and special events, but this is a bit different. I've been in the hospitality industry, and I've seen something like this before, but the Cocoagraph company makes it easy for the home buyer/photographer/chocoholic.

Each edible candy bar can be printed with an image or photograph in milk, white, dark chocolate or organic dark chocolate. Since they're square (Polaroid shape/very retro), Instagram and Hipstamatic photos work very well.

Just go to and upload your photos. You'll receive Polaroid shaped Cocoagraph bars in the mail.

Rae Vittorelli  is the founder of Cocoagraph. Vittorelli studied photography and printmaking at the School of Visual Arts in New York. At Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, she translated her passion into tactile techniques, earning her BFA in 3D Fine Arts. After graduation, her whimsical creativity led her to explore the world of sugar arts and launch her first business, Philly Cake Art, LLC. In 2011, she discovered she could combine fashion, photography and a vintage aesthetic in the best medium ever…chocolate! Thus, the Cocoagraph was created.

Hesitant about quality? Don't be. There's good chocolate involved. Cocoagraph's chocolatier comes from a family operated company located in Santa Barbara, California. They have been purveying exotic cocoas of pure organic origin and exclusive blends of ultra-smooth chocolate in many forms. From the four corners the world, all the chocolate is "ethically traded adhering to the highest standards of ecology, quality and humanity." Read more about the chocolate HERE.


vallerose said...

This sounds fascinating. What is the cost? i can see Chanukah presents right now.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!