Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bourbon Balls, Part II

Last week my friend Janet Appel had a guest post on her family's Holiday Bourbon Balls. Great back story to these Boozy Bourbon Balls. Because Bourbon Balls are a multi-step process, here's Part II. Enjoy! I know I will. Hope Janet A saves a few for me!

JANET APPEL:  Bourbon Balls, Part II

As promised this post shows the completion of the making of our holiday Bourbon balls. For those who did not read Part 1, go here. Now I will tell you how Marty and I made his Mother’s recipe our own.

Dolly was not much on drinking. Every now and then she had a cocktail and sometimes a little wine. Being from Kentucky, Marty and I love Kentucky Bourbons, so we soak the pecans longer than her recipe calls for. Ours soaked nearly a week.

What little Bourbon that was left over Marty pours into the filling. Marty does not use water to soften the mixture, just Bourbon. Do not eat these and then drive.

Marty mixes the ingredients up, spreads them on wax paper, and uses a small cookie scooper to make the balls. He then drops the balls onto a wax paper lined cookie sheet. The cookie sheet then goes into the freezer.

Chocolate dippers:  Dolly used fingers, toothpicks, spoons.

Melting Chocolate: Deluxe Chocolate Melter. Dolly used a double boiler.

Just a little paraffin is added to help the chocolate not melt in your hands. It still will. We don’t add that much.

Dipping Bourbon Balls in chocolate: Marty dips in small batches. The filling thaws if out too long.

After dipped, into the refrigerator they go.  When good and cold again, the Bourbon Balls are placed in sealed containers and kept in the refrigerator.

Now we are ready for the Christmas Eve Bourbon Ball contest. We are so going to win!

For the Recipe, go HERE.


Janet A said...

Thanks for letting me guest blog. This was fun and an honor.

I will have to cook some more chocolate goodies so I can guest blog again.

Janet Rudolph said...

My pleasure, and I'll eat whatever you make, unless there's garlic in the chocolate :-)