Monday, December 6, 2010

Chocolate Snowmen & Penguins: Burdick Chocolate

Nothing says the holidays quite like these adorable and delicious chocolate creations from Burdick Handmade Chocolates. 

Burdick's Penguins combine both fun and good taste. These adorable birds are made of hand-piped dark chocolate and lemon ganache, have almond wings and are dressed in dark chocolate, accented with white. And, I love the wooden boxes they come in. Makes a beautiful gift.
This year Burdick introduces what is quickly becoming my new favorite hand-dipped Chocolate Snowmen. Each snowman is hand-piped with clementine and dark chocolate ganache, topped with a roasted hazelnut, dipped in white chocolate, then finished with a dark chocolate top hat. Each wood box is stamped with a silver snowflake wax seal and tied with a ribbon.

Burdick reminds it's online buyer to shop early, but keep freshness in mind when selecting an arrival date. As with all good chocolate, this is very important.  

Buy online at Burdick Chocolate.

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