Friday, March 5, 2010

And the Oscar Goes to...

I know I'll be making some special chocolate treats for the Academy Awards, but probably not as fancy as the Chocolate Oscar statuettes created by Chef Wolfgang Puck. They'll be featured at a Champagne Bar at the Governors Ball following the Awards Ceremony. They are dark chocolate coated with edible 14-carat gold.

There are a few chocolate companies that have gold foil wrapped chocolate Oscar statuettes. Not sure if there are any still available. Amazon says they're out of stock, but I found a listing HERE. These chocolate Oscar statues don't have the panache of those by Wolfgang Puck, and I doubt the flavor, but if you need one now, they're available, just do a search.  I also found Chocolate Oscar Statue in a Gold Box HERE. 

Want to make your own Chocolate Oscar? I saw a Chocolate Oscar Statue Mold on eBay.

Want to make Cookies instead?

I have a great Oscar Cookie Cutter I found a few years ago on eBay. Mine is a real nice copper one, but you can find a different one HERE. And here's another with a base HERE. It's not available from Cookies Seattle right now, but it's the one I have, and you can find it if you do a search.

Speaking of Oscar Cookies, Bakerella had a fantastic post this week on Oscar Cookies, making, decorating and standing them up on cookie bases. Her cookies sure look like the winners, and I bet they taste like them, too!

Have a great Oscar Night!

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