Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eat the Paint: Painted Chocolate

Ever wonder how those beautiful designs get on the chocolate at Recchiuti?

Check out this video: 8 hours in Dogpatch.

Maybe you were at the Ferry Building last month when Michael and artist Mark Alstelind had their "Eat the Paint" event.  Mark flew in from Paris and created gorgeous artwork from chocolate and colored cocoa butter, and Michael backed the images with an edible canvas of white chocolate (and re-enforced them with some delectable dark chocolate). For more photos of this event, go to the Recchiuti Blog.

Oh... it helps, too, that Recchiuti chocolates are incredibly good!


Anonymous said...

Just checked out Recchiuti's blog... they also have the video of Mark and Michael working, with a little more info on the making-of!

...couldn't agree with you more that the chocolates are great there!

Janet Rudolph said...

Yes, love the chocolates..marshmallows..everything!