Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bûche de Noël: To buy

After my post about Bûche de Noël the other day, and since I don't make my own Bûche de Noël, I thought readers might be interested in where to buy a Buche de Noel for the holiday.

If I were in Paris, I would probably have an impossible decision to make if I were to buy only one Buche de Noel since almost every patisserie makes a Buche de Noel. Sadly, I won't be in Paris, but if you are, here are two outstanding places.

Paris Perfect reports on the beautiful Bûches de Noël by Pierre Herme (Paris). One of the Buche de Noel is a Chuao Chocolate Buche with Cherry Accents and another is a Buche with chocolate and caramel.

Alexis Mabille has created a couture Bûche de Noël for hot-Chocolaterie Angelina. Mabille put his stamp on the traditional yule log with the pastry chef Sebastian Bauer, opting for a heart of creamy chestnuts, candied apple and a confit of yuzu and lime surrounded by milk-chocolate ganache and crisp pecans.Mabille’s bûche is not a log, but a "Cocoa" Chanel bag: quilted and studded with edible silver buttons, topped with Mabille’s signature silver bow. Limited edition. Availble December 21-26 at the Rue du Rivoli tea room.

Locations in the U.S.:
Payard Patisserie and Bistro in Caesars Palace Las Vegas.
Payard, Louvre Log, Chestnut Log and Berries Log. For pick up in NYC.
Aux Delices in Pasadena, CA
Citizen Cake has a Gianduja Buche de Noel, San Francisco, CA
Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, MI

I live in the East Bay (across from San Francisco). Here are two of my favorite places that sell Bûche de Noël:
La Bedaine (various flavors) and only $12 (1585 Solano Ave)
La Farine, 1820 Solano Ave (B) and College ave (Oakland)

Most fine bakeries and patisseries make Bûche de Noël for the holiday. Check them out.

And, lastly if you don't want a whole Bûche de Noël, several restaurants have Bûche de Noël by the slice on their dessert menus. Check with your favorite French restaurant.


Anonymous said...

La Bûche pour la bouche. Formidable

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for adding the places of where to find them! That is so helpful! Thanks again!!