Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chocolate Mint Cookies: Three Ways

If you read my mystery blog Mystery Fanfare, you'll know I love themes. I did a whole week of Chocolate and Peppermint recipes here on Dying for Chocolate from drinks to cookies to cakes and fudge. So, today, I have another theme: Chocolate Cookies with Mints. There's such variety. Rather than reproduce all the recipes here (and I haven't tried the last one), I thought I'd just add links to the cookies--and to my favorite baking blogs. You'll love these recipes and the blogs. Hope you have time to make at least one of these recipes.

I was thrilled to see Chocolate Mint Crinkles with Mint Truffle Kisses on Recipe Girl. Based on this recipe, I picked up a bag of Hershey's Holiday Kisses at Target. Love them right out of the bag, but even better on these cookies. Also the green sprinkles give these cookies a real holiday feel. Each crinkle cookie is crowned with a chocolate mint Kiss. Beautiful photos on the website.

Two Peas and their Pod has a yummy holiday Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies recipe. These are dark chocolate cookies, so the green mint chips contrast very well. Mint chips from Guittard are great, and this recipe is sensational. I'm adding it to my favorite chocolate cookie recipes. I also experimented adding pieces of crushed candy canes with this recipe. Fabulous.

My Baking Addition made Mint Chocolate Cookies that look fabulous. Haven't tried these yet. The recipe calls for Andes mint wafers. Rather than the wafers being in the cookies, they are put on each cookie after they're baked until they've melted, then spread on top. Double deckers!

So many possibilities and who doesn't love chocolate and mint. Remember Girl Scout cookies? Thin Mints were always my favorite.

Photo: Two Peas and their Pod Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies.

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Patricia Stoltey said...

Ouch! A double whammy. I love chocolate and I love peppermint. These sound wonderful.