Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

My uncle owned a candy factory, so you can imagine what my Easter chocolate memories were about: Rabbits and chickens and eggs, oh yes! Not sure if Uncle Victor brought home rejects or the real thing, but it didn't matter to our passel of cousins. His candy was delicious. I loved the chocolate bunnies and the chocolate coconut eggs--and there were also those hollow chocolate eggs with the vignettes in them--little scenes. What were they called?

So, I was in Safeway the other day getting a Starbucks mocha (what else?) when I saw this row of bunnies facing me. Got one shot before my camera battery gave out. Forgot totally I have an iPhone with a good camera, but hope you like this photo.

1 comment:

Janet A said...

So did you eat the ears first? Or just break off the whole head and go for it?