Friday, March 27, 2009

Crossover: Chocolate and Mysteries

My two passions are chocolate and mysteries, so it's not surprising that I've begun to assemble a list of mystery novels that feature chocolate.

I've put out a call to mystery authors, and I've had several responses.

The first entry is a wonderful blog on chocolate and writing by Joe Finder. I know you'll enjoy this Valentine's memory of Paris and chocolate. The tie-in to his crime novels, " Which gives me a plot idea, of course. Plant Adam Cassidy, from Paranoia, in NestlĂ© headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, see . . . Corporate espionage plus chocolate: — what’s not to love?" Do go to Joe's blog entry on Parisian Chocolate.

Katherine Hall Page writes, "I thought I would never taste anything in this country to equal Bernachon in Lyon, France's amazing chocolates. Then a few years ago I discovered L.A. Burdick, located in Walpole, NH and with another store in Harvard Square. They have appeared in both The Body in the Attic and The Body in the Gallery. They also run a chocolate cooking school in the summer. All the chocolates are handmade and my new favorites are a dark, slightly salty caramel.
In The Body in the Sleigh, I have a recipe for chocolate bread pudding that has been a huge hit during the testing. I start with Pigs Fly chocolate bread, another amazing concoction by a Maine company that may be purchased as a kit on line, also available at many Whole Foods. Aaaah..."

Mike Ripley reminded me of Anthony Berkeley's The Poisoned Chocolates Cake (1929). We read this in my mystery bookgroup and did a chocolate sampling, sans poison.

Joanna Carl aka Eve Sandstrom writes, "The Chocoholic books should be on your list, of course!
But after reading your blog, I see that they're not at all in your class. While the chocolates made by TenHuis Chocolade are very high quality, they're not all that exotic. After reading all about the exciting chocolate events you've participated in, I had to jump up and get into my stash of Reese's miniatures."

The eight Chocoholic books are: The Chocolate Cat Caper, The Chocolate Bear Burglary, The Chocolate Frog Frame-Up, The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle, The Chocolate Mouse Mystery, The Chocolate Bridal Bash, The Chocolate Jewel Case, and The Chocolate Snowman Murders. The Chocolate Cupid Killings will be out next fall, and I'm working on The Chocolate Pirate Plot.

More to come. Feel free to comment with any chocoholic mystery/crime novels.


~~louise~~ said...

Hi Janet,
You know, I was just thinking, have you ever heard of the International Edible Book Festival? It usually takes place around April 1st. I may be posting about it this year but just in case, here's a link
and another.

Lois said...

Am I remembering correctly that Susan Dunlap's A Single Eye had a subplot about chocolate-making? It's been a few years since I read it, so if it wasn't this book it was something set in a monastery.