Monday, March 30, 2009

Chocolate Birthday Cake

They say it's your birthday! Well, it's mine, anyway. So yes, I'm either 29 or 39. I've lost track. What better way to celebrate than with a chocolate cake? Hats off to my friend Janet Appel for bringing a chocolate birthday cake for me to the mystery bookgroup last week. She's usually busy marryin' folks at the county courthouse, so she bought this one, although she really is a great baker. 

I'm actually out of town today for my birthday. I'm in Bodega Bay, setting of Hitchcock's The Birds. (Here's a site to incredible birds you'll find in Bodega Bay) I  have all the baking paraphernalia up here, so I could bake a chocolate birthday cake. Or, I might go to a great restaurant and have a molten chocolate cake for dessert. Probably the latter. I love to bake, but I want to take the dogs (my golden retrievers Topper and Busby Berkeley) for a nice long walk on the beach.  No chocolate for them, though. Chocolate (especially good dark chocolate) is dangerous to dogs

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Janet A said...

Happy Birthday. I must be honest about the cake. I don't bake them, Marty does. I bake pies and cookies and other things. Not cakes.