Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bar to Bar to Bar San Francisco Scavenger Quest

What are San Francisco’s three basic food groups? Caffeine, Chocolate and Alcohol.

The Bar to Bar to Bar Scavenger Quest that TeamBuilding Unlimited/Murder on the Menu created is primarily for team building and team bonding. This is not for the faint of heart. There is an emphasis on fun, creativity and enjoyment.

Last Friday, the catering and conference services team from one of the largest San Francisco hotels had a teambuilding event that included the Bar to Bar to Bar Quest. Each team was expected to visit specific yet different chocolate locations in the City near the starting point. For this specific quest Shoggi on 87 Yerba Buena Lane, CocoaBella Chocolate in the Westfield San Francisco Center, Teuscher at 307 Sutter St, Ghiradelli at 44 Stockton St., Leonidas Belgian Chocolates at 50 Post St, Richart at 3393 Sutter and Fog City News at 455 Market Street were selected for the chocolate portion.

In addition, each team had to visit and bring back proof of the visit (electronic, paper or product) from a place that also serves or sells coffee, as well as a place that serves or sells alcohol.

Frank Price from TeamBuilding Unlimited also set a goal for this Quest (as if eating chocolate wasn't enough?). Each team had to redesign the hotel's corporate logo utilizing these three food groups along with cultural, sporting, artistic, political and recreational information of San Francisco that they found along the way. As part of the final presentation, each team combined their information by making a marketing/advertising t-shirt to persuade the other teams that their new logo was the best.

Teams enjoyed the visits to the chocolate places best of all. No big surprise! The presentations were animated, lively and exciting. Some employees added music and dancing as well as props to their presentations. Who knows, maybe their hotel will adapt one of the new logos!

Bonding at its best! And never bittersweet!

TeamBuilding Unlimited/Murder on the Menu also does Chocolate Only Scavenger Quests--anywhere in the World. Groups of 5 to 300.

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