Sunday, May 10, 2020

VINTAGE MOTHER'S DAY STORY AD with Recipe for Golden Cream Chocolate Cake

For Mother's Day I'm posting a Vintage Ad that references mothers. I love these Vintage Ads and recipes from Baker's Chocolate that "Tell a Story." These Ads appeared in Life Magazine, and some of them are so amusing, especially this Ad from February 7, 1938 (and again on June 5, 1939) for Paula's Golden Cream Chocolate Cake. What a period piece! I mean really...just read the headline, "Paula Gives Mother-in-Law Her Come-Uppance." And don't you just love the word "Flibbertigibbet." Good thing Paula had a mind and talent of her own. And what a saint she was for not lauding her baking skills over her mother-in-law. Such modesty. Oh I feel like writing 'the rest of the story.'

At first meeting, Paula's mother-in-law thought Paula couldn't boil water. She was proved wrong when Paula baked a lovely Golden Cream Chocolate Cake. These 'story ads' say a lot about the times! Of course Paula couldn't have done it without Baker's Chocolate and her own Mother's teachings!

This recipe really is delicious. The cake is a "cross between a Fudge Cake and Boston Cream Pie." A perfect posting (and baking!) for Mother's Day!

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HonoluLou said...

Loved the post and the advert, Janet! How's that song go:

Day will break and you will wake,
and start to bake a sugar cake,
for me to take for all the boys to see.