Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Here's something for April's Fool's Day that would be great to make today while you're Sheltered-in-Place: GARDEN BON BONS. These garden truffles are for planting - not for eating! 

I love to garden, and I love chocolate. These garden truffles are balls of clay, compost, and seed wrapped in a lovely "chocolate" package. They're perfect for the chocoholic--but don't eat them!

Seed balls aren't new, but this presentation is. The compost in the seed balls provides nutrients to the seeds and the clay holds it together and protects against insects. So toss them into the garden or indoor container. Find a sunny spot, add water, and watch them grow!

The first recipe is adapted from Heavy Petal, but I decorate differently. Since it's April Fool's Day, I love the idea of making 'faux bon bons" today! It's a fun activity to do with the kids, too!


5 parts dry red art clay (you can buy this at the pottery store or nursery)
3 parts dry organic compost
1 part seed (wildflower, edible flowers, herbs? your choice-but use small seeds)
1 – 2 parts water
Candy cup/wrappers
Candy box
Coffee grounds or cinnamon (to roll some bon bons in--prevention against insects)

Measure out three parts of dry compost or soil. This provides a growing medium for the seeds.
Measure out five parts of dry powdered clay. Once mixed with water, the clay will hold the seed balls together.
Add one part seed.
Add one to two parts water, and combine. The mixture should be moist, but not wet. Add water as you go.
Roll the seed ball mix into balls 1-2 inches.
Roll some 'bon bons' in coffee grounds or cinnamon (good against insects and for variety in your 'display'
Set aside to dry (use cookie sheets) for a few days before storing or using.

To package: Put individual "Truffles" in candy cup/wrappers. Place in box and tie box with ribbon.

Don't have all the 'special' ingredients?  Here's another recipe!


Mix up dirt from the garden with water so you have a smooth but grainy consistency. (kind of like cement).
Roll ball of mud and press into the shape you want with your gingers then poke a seed (seeds) into the center and seal with mud. Work into shape you want and smooth texture on top.
Put in candy wrapper cup.
Garnish: here's the fun part! Find some pieces of nature in the backyard and press in top (moss, leaves, etc)
Box up for presentation..

How to plant them? Just place them on top of the soil in a sunny location. Don't bury them!

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