Saturday, February 29, 2020

LEAP FROG CHOCOLATES: Leap Day & National Frog Legs Day

February 29: Leap Day! Yes, every four years an extra day is added to the year. February 29 is also National Frogs Legs Day. And what does that have to do with Chocolate? Well, French Broad Chocolate in Asheville, NC created the most adorable and delicious Leap Frogs to celebrate. Read the story of French Broad Chocolate here: from a tiny cafe in Costa Rica to internationally reviewed bars and bonbons.

French Broad Chocolate chocolate leap frogs are each hand painted by their talented chocolatiers and flavored with one of three delicious fillings. Each box is a unique work of art. Yum!


Raspberry Cream: All of the pink painted frogs are filled with a dreamy, creamy white chocolate and fresh raspberry filling. (4 each)

Orange Chocolate Caramel: The orange frogs are filled with our gooey, orange chocolatey caramel, made with coconut milk. (Vegan) (4 each)

Pistachio Cream: For our green painted frogs, we toast and stone-grind farm-direct pistachios with organic cocoa butter and sugar to make a salty & sweet nutty filling. (2 each)

Fun Froggy Fact: Cacao Bisiesto in Nicaragua is one of French Broad Chocolate's principle cacao producers. "Bisiesto" means "Leap Year" in Spanish which is the day they were founded eight years ago. Their chocolate is featured in the frogs' shells. The hand-painted designs were inspirted by the dart frogs in the jaungles of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, the source of much of their cacao.

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