Friday, August 3, 2018


If you read my blog, you know I'm immersed in both the chocolate and mystery worlds. Chocolate is at the heart of many true crimes, but for the Chocolate Tasting for my local Sisters in Crime chapter, I decided to focus on fictional Chocolate Crime. This list is just a sampling. Be sure and let me know if I've forgotten any titles.

Many of the mysteries on this list also include recipes, and several of the authors have cookbooks of their own. You can never have too many chocolate recipes. Enjoy your chocolate reading. I'm always Dying for Chocolate. Bon Appetit!


Aarons, Kathy: Death is Like a Box of Chocolates; Behind Chocolate Bars

Adler, David: The Chocolate Fudge Mystery

Alexander, Ellie: Fudge and Jury

Barker, Constance: Death by Chocolate Sundae

Beck, Jessica: Drop Dead Chocolate; Cocoa Crush; Cherry Filled Charges; Boston Cream Bribery;  Devil’s Food Defense; and more.

Bell, Cindy: Christmas Chocolates and Crime

Bell, Maymee (aka Tonya Kappes): Cake and Punishment; Batter Off Dead

Berneathy, Sally: Death by Chocolate; Chocolate Mousse Attack

Berkeley, Anthony:  The Poisoned Chocolates Case

Best, Morgana: Murder Sweetly Served

Bradford, Laura: Éclair and Present Danger

Brady, Jacklyn (aka Sherry Lewis): A Sheetcake Named Desire

Burdette, Lucy: Murder with Ganache

Carl, JoAnna: The Chocolate Cat Caper; The Chocolate Bridal Bash, The Chocolate Mouse Trap;  Crime de Cocoa; Chocolate to Die For; The Chocolate Falcon Fraud; and more.

Carter, Sammi: Chocolate Dipped Death

Cates, Bailey: Charms and Chocolate Chips

Child, Laura: The Jasmine Moon Murder

Chocolats, Agatha: Thirteen Chocolates

Coco, Nancy: All Fudged Up; Oh, Fudge

Cole, Lyndsey: Easter Buried Eggs

Cormier, Robert: The Chocolate War

Coyle, Cleo: Dead Cold Brew; Dead to the Last Drop; Once Upon a Grind; Holiday Buzz;  and more

Davidson, Diane Mott: Dying for Chocolate

Davis, Krista: The Diva Steals a Chocolate Kiss

Davis, Kyra: Obsession, Deceit, and Really Dark Chocolate

DeSmet, Christine: First-Degree Fudge; Hot Fudge Frame-Up; Five-Alarm Fudge

Eichler, Selma: Murder Can Stunt Your Growth

Fairbanks, Nancy (aka Nancy Herndon): Chocolate Quake

Fluke, Joanne: Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder; Christmas Caramel Murder; Fudge Cupcake Murder; Red Velvet Cupcake Murder; and more.

Frost, Agatha: Chocolate Cake and Chaos

Gardner, A: Chocolate Macaroons and a Dead Groom

Gerber, Daryl Wood: A Deadly Éclair; A Souffle of Suspicion

Graves, Sarah: Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake; Death by Chocolate Malted Milkshake

Green, Jillian: Double Fudge Murder; Sugarcoated Lies; Guilty Confections

Hanna, H.Y.: Witch Chocolate Fudge; Bewitched by Chocolate; Dark, Witch & Creamy; Bonbons and Broomsticks; Witch Summer Nights Cream’ Blood, Sweets and Tears

Haven, Heather: The Chocolate Kiss-Off

Hickey, Cynthia: Chocolate-Covered Crime

Hodge, Sibel: Chocolate, Lies, and Murder

Hollis, Lee: Death of a Chocoholic

Keene, Carolyn: The Chocolate-Covered Contest (Nancy Drew)

Klein, Libby:  Midnight Snacks are Murder

London, Colette: The Semi-Sweet Hereafter; Criminal Confections; Dead and Ganache

McKinlay, Jenn: Dark Chocolate Demise

Meier, Leslie: Chocolate Covered Murder

McKevett, G.A.: Death by Chocolate

Patra, C.S.: Wrapped in Death and Chocolate

Penrose, Andrea: Sweet Revenge; The Cocoa Conspiracy

Salonen, Debra: Montana Secret Santa

Shelton, Connie: Sweet Masterpiece

Snopek, Roxanne: The Chocolate Cure; The Chocolate Comeback

Stilton, Thea: Thea Stilton and the Chocolate Sabotage (Children’s)

St James, Dorothy: Asking for Truffle

Swanson, Denise: Murder of a Chocolate-Covered Cherry

Warner, Gertrude Chandler: The Chocolate Sundae Mystery (The Boxcar Children)

Weiss, Kirsten: Bleeding Tarts

West, Anisa Claire: Chocolate Covered Crimes

Youngblood, I. Seymour: Death by Chocolate


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Glad to see you include some children's mysterious novels.I am all about 2018 children's and YA mystery novels. Would love more recommendation s!