Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to Use Chocolate: Advice from 1672

Nicolas de Blegny, 1687
So you thought all the health news about chocolate was new! Seems like it's been known for some time. Thanks to Kirsten Saxton to the link to Ask the Past, advice from old books. What a great blog!

This is from 1672: William Hughes the American Physitian.

“It revives the drooping spirits, and chears those that are ready to faint; expelling sorrow, trouble, care, and all perturbations of the minde; it is an Ambrosia: And finally, in a word, it cannot be too much praised… [It] keepeth the body fat and plump; and also preserveth the countenance fresh and fair… and certain it is, that a man may live longer with it, then with any kinde of Wine whatsoever... It is a great Cordial... strengthening the natural heat in all parts, and thereby prolonging life; for it is by an easie transmutation converted into blood. It preserveth in vigour the principal faculties, enabling men to prosecute their Studies and tedious exercises, expelling winde, opening obstructions… and is most excellent against Hypochondriack melancholy.” 


Maureen Harrington said...

I recently read (but forget the source) that the type of chocolate that is so very good for us is the darkest and, unlike the Dutch process, produced by a non-alkalization method. I was wondering if you knew anything about that?

Janet Rudolph said...

Yes, chocolate has lots of great properties...dark chocolate, that is. I have a piece of 70% Taza Mexicano every day, and I've brought down my cholesterol by 75 points.. Better than statins! But lots of other benefits from dark chocolate..I did a post on it awhile ago.. will have to find it.

Maureen Harrington said...

Thanks, Janet! I bet I could find that in Arizona. I would love to read that post. Maybe I could find it on your page. I'll have a look in the morning.