Monday, July 6, 2015

Oreo Makeover: New "Thins" don't twist!

Really, Oreo?

From The Associated Press:

Oreos are getting a skinny new look, and the cookie maker says the new treat is a "sophisticated" snack for grown-ups that isn't meant to be twisted or dunked.

Mondelez International Inc. says it will add "Oreo Thins" to its permanent lineup in the U.S. starting next week. The cookies look like regular Oreos and have a similar cookie-to-filling ratio except that they're slimmer. That means four of the cookies contain 140 calories, compared with 160 calories for three regular Oreos.

And since they're for adults, Oreo says they weren't designed to be twisted open or dunked. That's even though about half of customers pull apart regular Oreos before eating them, according to the company. 

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