Thursday, December 11, 2014

Six Holiday Fudge Recipes from Vintage Holiday Candies Cookbook

Last week I posted recipes from a sweet little cookbook from 1954 titled Holiday Cookies. One of my readers said she always thought that cookbook was Swedish because her family had it .. and because of the illustrations. Swedish heritage? Anyone know? So, today I'm posting Fudge Recipes from the companion cookbook: Holiday Candies, also published by Peter Pauper Press (1954). Be sure and try all the Fudge recipes. Perfect to make, take, or mail!


~~louise~~ said...

I LOVE Peter Pauper Press books Janet! I remeber doing some research on Peter Pauper Press a few years back. I don't recall any Swedish heritage. They are usually quaintly illustrated:)

I don't have these two, although I did have them at one time:) LOVE the recipes!

Thanks for sharing Janet...I'll be pinning. Will you be linking this post to Cookbook Wednesday???

Aunty Pol said...

Tee Hee...Last weeks reader chiming in here..I have these also and have made all of the fudge recipes . Mom's and my favorite was the uncooked and I do often add raisins to it.It's like raisinettes on steroids.

Waving from Houston.

Aunty Pol/Jane

Janet Rudolph said...

I'd love to link it, if I can figure out how...Louise

~~louise~~ said...

I linked it for you Janet! It looks GREAT!!! Thanks again...check it out if you get a chance:)

Catherine said...

Dear Janet, I love vintage recipes. They are the best full of flavor and fun and classic.
xo Catherine