Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Cookies: Fudge Cookies Supreme

Today is National Cookie Day. I've already started posting some great holiday cookie recipes since this is also Cookie Cutter Week. Here's a recipe for Fudge Cookies Supreme from a 1954 cookbook titled Holiday Cookies. This is a fun little cookbook I picked up at the Flea Market. Love the vintage illustrations and recipes!

Want to know how to pack and ship cookies for the holidays? Go Here.



Aunty Pol said...

Small worlds. I haven't seen that covers for these little books anywhere else than in my late mothers collection. No one else that I knew had them. What a wonderful memory for me. I guess I thought it was some sort of Swedish thing since her family all came over from there and landed in Minnesota...of course.

Thank you for the smile I have.

Waving from Houston,


Janet Rudolph said...

Aunty Pol, I also have the companion book -- Holiday Candies! Love that you remember them!

Aunty Pol said...

I've got that one too !

Uf Dah !

Aunty Pol