Saturday, October 4, 2014

Raspberry Vodka Truffles: The Russian Tea Room

Today is National Vodka Day, so Raspberry Vodka Truffles are definitely in order

I grew up in Philadelphia, and one of our favorite family outings was to take the train to New York. We'd visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art or MOMA or take in a matinee. Whatever we did, The Russian Tea Room was a 'must stop.' My memory: two little girls in white gloves in their Spring 'toppers'.. very 'vintage' dining in the elegant tea room. Even then it was a bit of a throwback. The Russian Tea Room had the most wonderful exotic food, well to me as an inexperienced omnivore at that time.

If you follow my blog, you know I collect cookbooks, usually theme cookbooks, but also cookbooks of famous places and restaurants. So here's a chocolate recipe from The Russian Tea Room Cookbook (by Faith Stewart-Gordon with Starla Smith; illustrations by Paul Cox) for Raspberry Vodka Truffles. Since there's vodka in the recipe, a disclaimer--my sister and I never had these at the Russian Tea Room. We were too young. We usually had blinis... my favorites! But, since this is a Chocolate Blog, I thought I'd share this recipe. I've made them, and they're really fabulous.. and easy!


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Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

What a wonderful blog, this brought back memories of the Russian Tea Room. I once had an agent who had his own table there (or it seemed that way) and he would hold court at lunch. Every day at lunch, actors, writers and entertainment folks would drop by to pay homage. It made it a bit difficult a conversation with him. Every sentence was interrupted by someone who wanted to greet him, wanted to congratulated him or wanted to make a deal with him. Taking the train to Manhattan to lunch with him seemed like a very glam experience.